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Summary Plan Description

Filing A Claim For Benefit Payments

You may apply for your benefits either before or after your retirement. However, your benefits will be effective and will only start as of the date you have filed a proper application with the Fund Office, and you have furnished all of the information required in order to determine your eligibility for the benefit and the amount of your monthly benefit payment, and your application is approved by the Trustees.

Applications for benefits are available at the Fund Office and at your Union Office. You must file your completed application with the Fund Office.

If you submit an application for benefits, and you furnish false information, this may constitute grounds for adjusting your claim and your request for benefits. The Plan may recover any benefit payments that you are not eligible to receive, and may start legal action against you to recover any benefits which you are not entitled to receive.

The rules for filing an appeal of a complete or partial denial of a claim for benefits are found in the Section entitled "Benefit Claim Review Procedures" at page 55.

Your benefit payments will begin on the first day of the calendar month coinciding with or next following the date you become entitled to a benefit and file your application. You should apply for your benefit within a reasonable time (three months, or six months if a reciprocal application) before you retire. You must have a completed application on file with the Fund Office before your benefit payments can begin. Your benefit will start to be paid only as of the date your application is actually filed with the Fund Office.

Your benefit check will ordinarily be mailed to you by the Fund Office in order for you to receive it around the first of the month. If you are unable to sign your check or take care of your affairs, the Fund Office will still send your check to you and your legal representative may endorse and cash it for you.

You may have your benefit check sent to a banking institution for direct deposit by making application with the Fund Office and completing the appropriate form. You may also have your benefit check sent to any location, other than your home address, by making application with the Fund Office and completing the appropriate form.

If you have any questions concerning the calculation of your benefit, or the receipt of your benefit check, you should write to the Fund Office.


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